Laundry and Mudroom Planning

Laundry and Mudroom Planning

Things to consider when planning your laundry room update.

With proper planning, a laundry room or mudroom can be a multi-functional space for the entire family. They can help eliminate and organize clutter that often lands in other areas—particularly the kitchen!

The Essentials

  • Consider space size, the number of family members, how you want to utilize the area and the activities of the family.
  • Keep the room bright and cheery so that it will be an enjoyable space.
  • Choose flooring that is resilient and easy to clean.
  • Select durable cabinetry available with a variety of storage options.
  • Include a laundry sink with a pull-down faucet for washing oversized items.
  • Install cabinetry above the washer and dryer to store laundry products.
  • Install a rack for hanging clothes and drying damp items.
  • Consider a concealed wall mounted ironing board or a pull-out from a cabinet drawer.
  • Include a boot tray to contain messy winter shoes.

Storage and Organization

  • Maximize organization with cabinet storage features such as pullouts and large deep drawers. Manage clutter with bins or baskets meant for cubbies and shelving.
  • Cabinetry with built-in laundry bins makes laundry accessible and convenient.
  • Create an area with coat hooks and individual cubbies or baskets for shoes, backpacks and personal items.
  • Include a storage bench for seating and for stowing long or bulky items such as ball bats and sporting equipment.
  • A multi-purpose countertop space is convenient for folding clothes or as a work and craft area.
  • Create an office area, message center and electronic charging station to avoid kitchen counter clutter.

Consider Your Pets

A laundry or mud room is an ideal area for accommodating pets and simplifying care.

  • Install a dog bathing area or shower. Consider these factors when designing:
    • Measure the size of your dog to determine the space for a comfortable bath.
    • Work with a licensed plumber to ensure proper drain sizes and the best product for catching and removing hair.
    • A standard acrylic shower base and shower walls are an economical and easy to install solution.
    • A tiled bathing area gives Fido’s spa an attractive, waterproof space.
    • A raised shower area helps to reduce bending. Include a ramp for larger dogs that are too heavy to lift.
    • Adding a doggie bath mat prevents sliding and helps to catch hair.
    • Install a handheld showerhead low enough to reach around the pet.
    • For smaller dogs, a mop tub or utility sink with a pull-down utility faucet may be the perfect fit.
  • Include a cabinet with an opening in the door to hide the kitty litter box.
  • An open base cabinet makes a discreet and comfortable pet bed.
  • Dedicate an area for storing pet food, supplies and a hook for leashes.