Bathroom Planning

Bathroom Planning

Where do you start when planning a bathroom?

Bathrooms can be a simple powder room or a luxurious spa-like retreat. Your bath is one of the most important rooms in your home, so when you’re planning a remodel, it’s important that your bathroom cabinetry not only look great, but that it also meets the unique needs of you and your family. Here are a few bathroom design considerations to help you create a bathroom design that works for you.

What’s your bathroom remodeling goal?

Does it just need updating or are you enlarging for more space? Either way, careful planning can make the construction process a smooth experience.

  • Finding and working with credible, reliable contractors is a must for a successful project.
  • Determine if the cost of moving walls, plumbing, or HVAC ductwork is worth the space and benefits you’ll gain.
  • If you’re dreaming of a large tub or shower area with multiple showerheads, consider the size of your existing water heater. Installing a second or a larger water heater may be necessary to meet household demand. Tankless models are popular space-saving units, but consult with a plumbing professional for accurate sizing and recommendations.
  • Plan for sufficient electrical outlets away from water sources.

Options for Vanities and Storage

Custom bathroom cabinetry offers endless options for vanities and storage. Durable construction and quality finishes are important to withstand bathroom moisture.

  • Spa-like vanities resemble the look of a fine furniture piece. Open shelving, basket storage, multiple drawers and furniture style legs are options for designing your perfect custom look.
  • Full cabinet vanities offer options for drawer depths, pull-out shelves and organizational features.
  • Linen towers and decorative cubbies are excellent for towel storage.
  • When ordering cabinetry, don’t overlook the matching mirror options to complete your design.
  • A dedicated vanity with storage designed for hair appliances and cosmetics is every woman’s dream!

Water, Water, Water

The plumbing industry offers a vast selection of tubs, tub-shower combination units, faucets, showerheads and accessories. Make sure you understand the construction quality and warranties. In the long run, it’s worth paying a little more for quality manufactured products.

  • When selecting plumbing fixtures, confirm the internal parts are made of brass, not plastic, for durability.
  • If remodeling, make sure your new tub or tub-shower combination unit will fit through existing doorways. Three and four piece combination units are made specifically for retro-fitting.
  • A shower with multiple showerheads and jets should be designed by a professional for correct fixture positioning and to specify the necessary connections for maximum water pressure.
  • Whirlpools, soaking tubs and air tubs are available in a variety of sizes, configurations, materials and price ranges. Visit your local kitchen and bath showroom to view displays and for expert advice.
  • Fixtures and toilets with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) WaterSense label will reduce water usage by at least 20%.

Accessibility Design

Universal or accessible design can easily be designed into a bathroom remodel. Safety for all ages is paramount. Manufacturers are designing stylish safety products leaving the industrial look to health care facilities. Consider these products for a safer bathroom:

  • Walk-in or roll-in showers
  • Walk-in tubs
  • Grab bars
  • Built-in or stand-alone benches
  • Handheld showerheads
  • Higher toilets or with raised seats

The Extras

Don’t forget the extras for a full spa treatment and total relaxation.

  • Complete your full spa experience with a steam shower. Since steam showers must be fully enclosed, early planning with your contractor is crucial.
  • Adding a heated floor is an excellent option particularly in colder climates.
  • A warm towel is the perfect way to end a luxury bath. Built-in or floor standing towel warmers provide a plush treat.
  • Create ultimate relaxation by installing a tub with chromatherapy—the use of colored lights in your bath. Different colors create different moods. For example, green brings harmony and balance to the spirit. A delight for both the body and mind!
  • Proper lighting is necessary in the bathroom. In the vanity area, side sconces and light bars above the mirror are popular choices. Bathroom trends include adding a small decorative chandelier for a sophisticated look.